Symbol flower of women’s soccer team of Japan

We can often see this flower, Nadeshiko, in the field near our house. This has been the symbol flower of women’s soccer team of Japan. They got silver medal in the London Olympics.


A flower like swallow tails

In the grass field near our house, we could find this flower, Enbi-sennou (literally it means swallow tail). It looks more like fireworks for me.


A flower of early autumn

Walking around the glass field near our house, we are able to find flowers of early autumn. This violet flower is a typical one near our area.


Shirakoma Lake

We had a blue sky after a long rain. I took a walk of the forest of needle-leaf trees from a pass of 2100m to Shirakoma Lake. Going through the dark forest, I reached the sun-shining shore of the lake.


Flowers of our highland

After returning from Germany, I walked around the grassland near our house. The flowers in the field are changing to those of early autumn. This flower is Senecio flammeus ( I do not know the exact English name.)


Frankfurt ( 11th day )

After returning from Stockholm, we went to the center of Frankfurt. We could see beautiful wood houses at Loemar Square.


Skansen ( 10th day )

We walked aroud Skansen, Stockholm where we could see many traditional Swedish buildings (farms, factories, shops, post office and so on) and understood their old lives.

Vaxholm ( 9th day)

My friend invited us to his summer house in the suburbs of Stockholm. On the way to the house by his car, we visited Vaxholm, a small old town near Stockholm. We could see a old fortress at the other side of the town.

Stockholm ( 8th day )

We visited Stockholm, Sweden and met one of my old friends since 1980. He drove us around the town. It is a beautiful city with old stone buildings and green parks.


Frankfurt ( 7th day )

We stayed in Frankfurt today. We enjoyed a walk in a big park near our son's house.


Wuerzburg ( 6th Day )

After returned to Frankfurt, we went to Wuerzburg with our son, his wife and their daughter. We visited Marienberg Fortress at first and enjoyed the fine view of the town.

Flam Railway ( 5th Day)

We took Flam Railway and left for Bergen. The train climbed the narrow valley to Myrdal slowly. We could see the high rock walls at both sides of the valley. The train stopped at Kjosfossen water fall for the passengers. It was an amazing water fall and a lady sang a song near the fall.


Flam, Norway ( 4th day )

We went to Stagastein Viewpoint by a tour bus to look down Sogne Fjord. Though it was cloudy, we could have a nice view of the blue fjord from the high point. After returning from the tour, we walked around the suburbs of Flam. Tomorrow we will have a trip of Flam Railway to Bergen. We are expecting the train trip in the mountains.

Flam, Norway ( 3rd day)

We traveled from Bergen to Flam through Sognefjord by a rapid ship. It was rain in bergen but became clear approaching to Flam. We could enjoy the picturesque view of the fjord. Flam is a beautiful town surrounded by rock mountains and the fjord.


Bergen, Norway ( 2nd day)

My wife and I started the fjord tour of Norway. We arrived at Bergen Airport this morning. We walked around the city of Bergen today. The street of Bryggen made of many old wooden houses was beatiful.


Frankfurt, 1st day

After 11 hour flight from Tokyo, I arrived at Frankfurt Airport. I met my granddaughter Tomoko here.